What is the timeframe of the whole course?

The course in its entirety will take 2 hours, including the LIVE Training

How much time will Compassion Sharing take out of my workday?

The Compassion Sharing Model takes only a few minutes or less to complete in real-time on the job.  Depending on frequency of use, it may take just minutes out of your workday to Compassion Share

Is there a survey?

At this time, the survey is closed.  Once enrolled, you will be able to begin The Course  

What is the theoretical basis of Compassion Sharing?

Compassion Sharing has a strong theoretical foundation, which will be discussed in detail in The Course and LIVE Training

Is Compassion Sharing only for physicians?

No, Compassion Sharing is suitable for all health care professionals and staff who interact with patients and are involved in their care

What is included in The Course?

Three Modules for you to do on your own, to set the foundation for the LIVE Training, which is included as well.  You will also get a downloadable Course Guide, Sharing Guide, and Emotions Wheel to augment and personalize your learning experience

How do I sign up for The Course?

Check Enrollment instructions through The Course website

Do I have to have a colleague or other team members enrolled in Compassion Sharing for this tool to work?

No, although it is ideal if your colleagues and team members are all trained in Compassion Sharing, you can benefit as well using the model for yourself. How to use Compassion Sharing by yourself, for yourself, will be exemplified in The Course.