Dr. Mandy O’Hara is a Pediatrician and Child Abuse Specialist, Integrative Medicine Fellow, and Associate Professor of Pediatrics in New York City.  Her career began as a primary care physician for foster children, which inspired her desire to specialize in Child Abuse and devote her career to addressing child maltreatment.  Her research and teaching efforts focus on trauma-informed care, including self-care, with a focus on secondary traumatic stress in the face of difficult cases, such as child abuse, and physician resiliency.  Dr. O’Hara has published original research, review, and narrative medicine in her specialty.  She has given national webinars and workshops to address vicarious trauma and support compassion and wellbeing in the practice of medicine.  

Along the way, Dr. O’Hara paralleled her professional endeavors with deep exploration of integrative healing modalities for her own wellness and to inform her holistic practice as a physician. These have included trainings in Mind Body Medicine at Harvard, Reiki Master Teacher certification, advanced training in meditation, certification in trauma-sensitive yoga and biofeedback, among others.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. O’Hara offered virtual trauma-sensitive yoga for her departmental colleagues from her office chair. As a longstanding meditation, yoga, and Reiki practitioner, she hopes to lead by example to open the door for others to explore integrative practices to support patient and physician wellness, for the betterment of all. 

Dr. Mandy O'Hara holding flowers

“In the midst of hearing about a possibility, that no parent would ever want to imagine, I found true and genuine compassion in Dr. O’Hara’s words and actions. I have almost 20 years of practicing as a physician and I must say that her bedside manners are absolutely one of the best I have ever witnessed. From her perfect and precise choice of words, to her thoughtfulness about the patient’s comfort, it was just a pleasure to watch. Of course even more when it was my own child sitting as her patient. Thanks for being an amazing physician.”

Parent Physician